Amazon Extends 100-Person Watch Parties to Fire TV Devices

The Watch Party icon over a Fire TV.

Amazon rolled out its browser-based Watch Party feature over a year ago, allowing up to 100 Prime subscribers to join in on a Prime Video stream with a built-in chat. Now, Watch Party streaming finally works on Fire TV devices, though you have to use your phone to chat with other Watch Party participants.

It isn’t exactly clear when this feature arrived on Fire TV devices, as Amazon has done a poor job marketing Watch Party. That said, you may not have access to Watch Party on your Fire TV device just yet—it may be in the middle of rollout.

To use Watch Party on your Fire TV, simply open the Prime Video app, find a show or movie you want to watch, and press the Watch Party button (the little party popper icon). If you want to participate in the chat, then you’ll need to open the Watch Party invite link on your phone.

Bear in mind that Watch Party still has several restrictions. All participants must have Prime Video accounts and, if you’re watching paid content, must purchase or rent whatever you’re viewing. Watch Party does not work internationally, and while the mobile app lets you chat, you cannot stream Watch Party video on your phone.


Source: Amazon via XDA Developers