Microsoft Team’s Whiteboard feature is a very intuitive way of presenting information to colleagues. Using a digital pen and sketchpad, you can explain concepts of all types in an easy-to-understand format. What Is the Microsoft Team’s Whiteboard? Similar to the Microsoft Whiteboard app, Microsoft Team’s Whiteboard feature allows users toContinue Reading

PowerART/ Patch Tuesdays are exciting because Microsoft fixes all those nagging minor issues and security problems that have popped up. However, sometimes things go sideways, which happened recently, as a Windows patch made some types of VPNs stop working. After Microsoft released the latest round of updates for Patch Tuesday, IPSECContinue Reading

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Release: 2022 – Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Last seen during Sony’s October State of Play, Little Devil Inside is slated to release sometime this year. Billy, the game’s hero, sits on a train platform, looking a little out of place. Though the setting suggests weContinue Reading

Did you download an RPM file, and you’re not sure what it is or what do with it? It’s one of the file types used to install applications in Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based distributions, and we’ll show you how to use them. What Is an RPM File? RPM files endContinue Reading