StockX Accidentally Leaks Nothing’s Secretive Earbud Design

The leaked Ear 1 earbud image.
INPUT/Ayush Verma

On July 14th, Nothing announced that it would auction the first 100 units of its Ear 1 earbuds a week ahead of their official July 27th reveal. But StockX, the company hosting Nothing’s auction, has accidentally leaked the Ear 1 design. If this leak is accurate, then it’s our first real look at the mysterious Ear 1 buds.

While all of the Ear 1 photos on StockX’s website are cropped to hide the actual earbud design, it seems that the company used an un-cropped photo as the preview image for its Ear 1 landing page. This was first noticed by Ayush Verma, who tells INPUT that he found the leaked image when sharing StockX’s Ear 1 landing page on social media.

The full-sized image no longer shows up when you share StockX’s Ear 1 landing page. Close inspection of the website’s HTML reveals a cropped image titled “DropX-NothingLanding-Page-Share2,” which is likely intended as a replacement for the full-sized Ear 1 photo.

Assuming that this leak is genuine (it matches up with the cropped photos on StockX’s site), then the Ear 1 buds are a lot less transparent than expected, at least from this angle. This comes as a bit of a surprise, as the Ear 1 buds were delayed to make the internal circuitry look more appealing.

Speaking of circuitry, the Ear 1 charging case appears to be fully transparent without any internal wiring or batteries. Perhaps this image is just a concept render and not a faithful representation of the real product? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Source: Ayush Verma via INPUT