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Video Games

Neo: The World Ends With You Review – A Catchy But Familiar Refrain

14 years ago, The World Ends With You hit the Nintendo DS and was praised for its style and innovation. It had an


Scientists Spot Moon-Forming Regions in Another Solar System for the First Time

ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/Benisty et al In all the time scientists have been looking at planets in other solar systems, they’ve never found a moon.


Apple’s BYOD improvements will save time for IT

Apple announced numerous enterprise-focused enhancements in its operating systems at WWDC, all of which business users will get to use this

Tech innovators pivot to support the post-COVID workplace

Plenty of firms have been busy over the past year building new products or enhancing existing ones to support a

3 near-term tech advances that could change the future

(Disclosure: most of the companies mentioned are clients of the author.) The pandemic has had a fascinating impact on the


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