Apple May Have Overestimated the iPhone SE’s Appeal

A photo of the iPhone SE

Despite its outdated design, the 2020 iPhone SE was lauded as a cost-effective alternative to Apple’s flagship smartphones. But lightning doesn’t strike twice, and all that. The newly-launched 2022 iPhone SE hasn’t received a lot of hype from customers or critics, and new reports indicate that Apple overestimated the phone’s appeal.

According to Digitimes, Apple shipped 25 to 30 million units of the 2020 iPhone SE in its first twelve months. The new iPhone SE 5G was expected to duplicate or exceed these figures, despite the fact that it reuses its predecessor’s design and adds only minor perks, such as 5G and a slightly improved processor.

But the 2022 iPhone SE isn’t breaking any records. As noted by 9to5Mac, the device never sold out on Apple’s website, which is rare for any iPhone. Additionally, both Ming-Chi Kuo and Nikkei Asia report that Apple will reduce iPhone SE production by around 20%, likely due to low demand.

This information hasn’t been verified by Apple, but it seems believable. Not only did the 2022 iPhone SE fail to generate the same excitement as its predecessor, but economic analysts are wary that global events (the war in Ukraine, gas prices, cyberattacks, etc) could impact the supply chain and consumers’ demand for some products. Apple may be anticipating such a fallout.

Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed that it’s slowing iPhone SE production. We also don’t know how many units it expected to ship. If sales of the 2020 iPhone SE were slowing, for example, Apple may consider the 2022 iPhone SE a win.

Source: Ming-Chi Kuo and Nikkei Asia via 9to5Mac