Harvestella wants to be a jack of two trades, but winds up a master of none. Part action-RPG, part farming/life simulation, this combination can sometimes be enjoyable, but the two styles clash more often than not. The result is a sluggish grind more likely to repel fans of each genreContinue Reading

Phishing attacks and other scams are ever-present, but over the past few weeks, fake shipping notices sent over text or email have been on the rise. Don’t fall for them. Fraud messages that mimic package shipping alerts are on the rise, possibly from groups hoping to capitalize on the increasedContinue Reading

AIOps is no mere buzzword. It’s a next-level market that paves the way for modernization by more fully connecting IT health and efficiency with business outcomes. How critical is that connection? Just last year, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram sustained a six-hour downtime due to a router misconfiguration — a relativelyContinue Reading

Today, competitive forces are fiercer than ever in the marketplace. Companies need to continuously transform business models, products, and services, and their infrastructure needs to support it all if they want to thrive and lead. Time and cost are of the essence. To innovate faster and more successfully than yourContinue Reading

MNStudio/Shutterstock.com The holiday shopping season can be stressful when you’re finding the perfect Christmas gift for family members or friends to throw under the tree. And while it’s tempting to buy the latest gadget like headphones, drones, game consoles, streaming dongles, tablets, or a pet camera, you should avoid someContinue Reading