Yeah, you read that right. Not only is this the day we’re jumping back into Replay, but we’re also doing it in a big way. Super Replay is back, and we couldn’t think of a better last-gen game to kick off the show with than FromSoftware’s iconic combination of gameplayContinue Reading

Have a gamer or collector in your family with a birthday or graduation coming up? Or maybe you’re just looking for fun reward for yourself after an especially long winter? Whatever the situation, we gathered some of our top recommendations for gadgets, toys, clothing, board games, and more, sure toContinue Reading

If it weren’t for the serious security issues surrounding on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers (CVE-2021-2685, CVE-2021-27065, CVE-2021-26857 and CVE-2021-26858), I would say things look pretty good for this month’s Patch Tuesday. There are still things to test on the desktop, including printing, remote desktop connections via VPNs, and graphically intensive operations.Continue Reading

Adobe has released Photoshop for M1 Macs, delivering a huge boost in application performance on Apple Silicon in contrast to how it performs on similar Intel-based machines. Adobe explains the transition to Apple Silicon I caught up with the company to find out more about the experience of recompiling Photoshop for AppleContinue Reading