Apple announced numerous enterprise-focused enhancements in its operating systems at WWDC, all of which business users will get to use this fall. But some we’ve not looked at too closely yet include tools to balance privacy with managed IDs. Managed Apple ID improves dramatically Appe’s most important improvement is its all-newContinue Reading

“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it,” Scott McNealy said of online privacy back in 1999, a view the former CEO of the now-defunct Sun Microsystems reiterated in 2015. Despite the hue and cry his initial remarks caused, he’s been proven largely correct. Cookies, beacons, digital signatures, trackers, andContinue Reading

Apple shared the dark side of digital transformation during then pandemic when it confirmed this week that component shortages will affect its business. The distress signal came during the company’s Q3 results call. A multi-billion dollar nose bleed Apple CFO Luca Maestri said supply constraints would affect company revenue to theContinue Reading

Apple has gotten very serious about building its enterprise business, with an updated enterprise website explaining the many reasons to move to Mac, supported by a Forrester report that shows using M1 Macs will save enterprises $843 over three years when compared to a PC. Apple’s growing TCO advantage TheContinue Reading