Salesforce is apparently the latest firm to hit the brakes on recruitment as reports of hiring freezes and layoffs affecting tech workers ramp up. Twitter, Meta, and Uber are among the companies that have slowed hiring for a variety of reasons in recent weeks, amid rising inflation and an on-goingContinue Reading

People associate Airbnb with vacation travel. But Airbnb was founded as a service for business travelers.   The company began in 2007. Then called AirBed & Breakfast, its founders’ business model was simple: Buy three air mattresses, and build a website at Then, invite attendees of the city’s 2008Continue Reading

When Apple announced recently that it was discontinuing macOS Server, the move didn’t come as a huge surprise. Apple has been deprecating and removing its core services for a while, and moving others – such as Caching Service – into the macOS itself. But let’s take a moment to sayContinue Reading