Charge Your iPhone and Apple Watch In Style with Nomad’s New MagSafe Stand


Why use a bunch of messy cables when MagSafe’s right there? Nomad’s newest MagSafe charging stand, the Base One Max, features a super-sleek design, speedy charging, and an additional charging stand for your Apple Watch. It’s available now for $150.

Most MagSafe accessories, minus those from Apple, only charge your iPhone at 7.5 watts. But because the Base One Max is an “official MagSafe charger,” it actually tops out at 15 watts. That’s pretty outstanding, and of course, the Base One Max also charges your Apple Watch at top speed. (Note that like other MagSafe chargers, the Base One Max can charge any Qi-compatible device.)

The Base One Max in white.

Design-wise, the Base One Max features a metal stand and a “floating” top glass panel. It weighs two pounds, which is surprising, and it looks like a genuine Apple accessory. Although I guess that’s what you’d expect at $150.

The only oddity is that it doesn’t come with a power adapter, and you’ll need one that supports 30-watt charging to reach the Base One Max’s advertised charging speeds.

I should note that Nomad also sells an iPhone-only MagSafe charger. Called the Base One, it costs $100 (previously $130) and charges an iPhone at 15 watts. (Like the Base One Max, the Base One doesn’t come with a power adapter.)

You can order the Base One Max from Nomad for $150. Or, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can always get the cheaper Base One stand. Just bear in mind that neither option comes with a power adapter.