Dropbox Will Store 50 of Your Passwords for Free

An illustration of the Dropbox Passwords interface.
Dropbox Passwords

Still looking for an alternative to LastPass? Come April, free Dropbox Basic users will gain access to the platform’s built-in password manager. While it only supports 50 passwords on 3 devices, the free version of Dropbox Passwords may be a better option for lightweight web users than a paid password manager or the open-source Bitwarden client.

Dropbox Passwords, which debuted for paid subscribers in August 2020, works on web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Those who pay a monthly fee for Dropbox can use the service to store an unlimited number of passwords on an unlimited number of devices, though free users are stuck with just 50 passwords on 3 devices. Free users also miss out on Dropbox Vault, which is only available for Dropbox Plus subscribers.

The 50-password limitation for free users is, of course, arbitrary. Still, the average person may not need to store more than 50 passwords. And you’re coming from LastPass, which now forces free users to choose between LastPass on desktop or mobile, the 50-password limitation may be a fair tradeoff for Dropbox’s multi-platform support.

If you want a password manager that supports an unlimited number of passwords and connected devices, then you should pay a few bucks a month for a premium client or set up a free Bitwarden vault. But if you don’t mind its limitations and already have a Dropbox Basic account, you should absolutely use Dropbox Passwords when it arrives for free users in April. Any password manager is better than nothing, and with full end-to-end encryption, Dropbox is up there with the best of them.

Source: Dropbox via The Verge