“Google AR Synth” Lets You Jam on Iconic Drum Machines and Synths for Free

Google/Johnathan Tanant

Google’s latest Arts & Culture initiative takes us through electronic music—its history, its innovators, and of course, its instruments. And “Google AR Synth” tool specially made for the new Music, Makers, and Machines project puts you behind some of the most revolutionary synths and drum machines, with just enough help to keep everything in tune.

“Google AR Synth” includes five classic instruments, including the ARP Odyssey, the Roland CR-78, and the floppy disc-based Fairlight CMI. You can place as many machines as you like on a virtual soundstage, with the option to adjust notes, tempo, tone, and samples in a one-bar loop. Using “Google AR Synth” on a laptop or desktop sets you in black and white room, but opening the web app on your phone unlocks AR support, so you can place the instruments in your room using your phone’s camera.

Google sourced its instrument samples from the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments, one of the many places you can see in a virtual tour through Google Arts & Culture. If you want to learn more about these legendary instruments, visit the Music, Makers, and Machines page and start reading!

If you make a cool jam on “Google AR Synth,” go up in the right hand corner and click the “Share” button. Then, you can get a sharable link to save for yourself or show off to your friends. Here’s my session for an example of what a few minutes in the “AR Synth” can do.

Source: Google Arts & Culture via 9to5Google