Google Wants You to Try the Pixel 5a … In Augmented Reality?

The AR Pixel 5a towering over my front steps.
I’m having ‘Pokemon Go’ flashbacks. Andrew Heinzman

Hate testing phones in person? Well, Google has a neat solution—augmented reality. You can now see a giant, somewhat terrifying 3D model of the new Pixel 5a in your bedroom using an AR tool on Google’s website. What does this accomplish? Uh, I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Google has a strange obsession with browser-based AR applications. When you Google the name of a dinosaur or modern-day animal on your phone, for example, Google will actually let you see the animal through your camera with a handy “View in 3D” prompt.”

A 3D model of the Pixel 5a.
Andrew Heinzman

But this is the first time that Google has made an interactive AR program for a smartphone. Just visit the Pixel 5a store page on your phone or iPad, scroll down to press the “View in 3D” button, and try not to feel threatened. Seeing a Pixel phone stand like an obelisk in your home is a genuinely terrifying experience, and writing about it isn’t really helping with my trauma. (At the time of writing, this AR tool isn’t working on Android devices. Ironic, I know.)

If you really want to try the Pixel 5a, I suggest visiting your carrier or going to Best Buy (after the August 26th launch date, of course). The new phone is a steal for $500, by the way, with a ton of features that Google previously debuted in a $700 device. We’re currently working on a review for the Pixel 5a, and as of now, we have very few complaints.

Source: Google via 9to5Google