Google’s New 5TB Cloud Storage Plan Ought to Be Enough For Anybody

Google One

Google One is a fantastic cloud storage service … well, unless you’re a heavy user stuck paying $50 a month for the 10TB plan when you only have 4TB worth of stuff to store. That’s why Google One is now rolling out a 5TB storage option, a much more reasonable upgrade from the 2TB plan.

At just $25 a month, Google One’s 5TB storage service is a competitive option for families or individuals with over 2TB of data. And because Google One links directly to Photos, Drive, and Gmail, you can automatically back up files as they’re created and save space on your PC or phone.

Google previously forced people with over 2TB of data to sign up for a $50 per month 10TB plan (or delete some files, I guess). The new 5TB option is a lot more reasonable, especially if you’re a 2TB customer fighting to shave off those extra bytes.

The new 5TB Google One storage option appears to be rolling out now. It may not be visible to all Google accounts, but it should finish rolling out soon. To shop for Google One cloud storage (including 20TB or 30TB plans), head over to the Google One setup page or download the mobile app.

Source: Google One via XDA Developers