Google’s New Remote Work Tool, Threadit, Helps You Avoid Meetings

Google Threadit software recording a video message
Threadit, Google

Just over a year ago, Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, started working on ways to make working from home easier and more efficient. The idea, later dubbed Threadit, centered around using short video recordings to capture your work and share it with your coworkers. (Un)ironically, Threadit also ended up being built remotely thanks to COVID-19.

The work from home tool lets you communicate with your coworkers more efficiently while working remotely, similar to how you would if you were back in the office. With it, you can record a short video message to answer questions, show your work progress, or request feedback without having to set up meetings and hope everyone’s schedule lines up. It also lets you stay a little more connected with your team.

Threadit lets you record yourself and your screen, and you can easily trash a recording and start a new one if you make a mistake. It also lets you stitch together multiple short clips into one cohesive video message. Other users can reply with their video message, as well.

The video message tool is also a boon for companies spread across multiple time zones, letting work-from-home employees view and respond to the messages when it’s convenient for them. Plus, it’s an easy way to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in a meeting, not just the loudest person’s.

Threadit can be used to share a sales presentation, tell a coworker happy birthday, or send over a software tutorial. All you need to do is share a link—there’s no need to download anything. Threadit is available via your browser or as a Chrome extension.

Source: Google