How to Set Up an Out of Office Reply in Outlook for the Web

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Out-of-office replies are convenient ways to let others know you’re away and can’t respond to their message. If you use Outlook on the web, you can set up an automatic reply in just minutes.

Like in the desktop version of Outlook, the Out of Office feature on lets you send the reply automatically during a timeframe or only when you enable the feature, giving you flexibility.

Create an Out of Office on Outlook for the Web

Visit, sign in, and click the gear icon on the top right. At the bottom of the sidebar that displays, select “View All Outlook Settings.”

In the pop-up window, select “Mail” on the furthest left and then “Automatic Replies” to the right.

In the Mail tab on, find the Automatic Replies option.

Enable the toggle at the top for Turn on Automatic Replies to activate the feature. 

Turn on Automatic Replies in Outlook

If you want to use a timeframe, check the box for Send Replies Only During a Time Period. Then, enter the start and end dates and times. If you choose not to use a timeframe, you can turn off the replies when you return by disabling the toggle at the top.

Time period for automatic replies in Outlook

If you do enable the time period feature, you’ll then see additional options. These assist you with your Outlook Calendar events during your out of office timeframe. Optionally check the boxes to block your calendar, decline new invitations automatically, and cancel meetings during that time.

Outlook Calendar options for out of office

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Enter your message in the box at the bottom. You can then use the toolbar in the editor to format the font, align the text, include a link, and more.

Message box for automatic replies in Outlook

Optionally, check the box at the bottom to only send the replies only to your contacts. Select “Save” when you finish and use the X on the top right to close the window.

Letting others know that you’re out of the office is courteous for both business and personal emails. Since it’s so easy to do in Outlook for the web, why not?

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