If Your Phone’s Overheating, Google Messages May Be to Blame

Google Messages logo on phone screen stock image.

Oh no! A newly-detected bug in Google Messages is causing issues in users’ phones. The bug is keeping both the Messages and Camera apps open and running in the background, causing phones to overheat and drain the battery faster than normal.

The bug was first noted by 9to5Google and also cited in a Reddit thread. It seems to be an issue that’s not allowing the communication bridge between the two apps to close as needed after the camera is opened. This bridge is what allows Messages to take a photo or video within the app and quickly send it to whoever you’re chatting with.

Users who encountered the issue noted that it happened each time they opened the Messages app, regardless of whether they actually used the camera. If you’re experiencing this issue, you can manually close Messages, which will stop the behavior; this is only a short-term fix, however, and you’ll need to do it every time you leave the app.

Until Google releases an official update fixing the bug, you may also want to opt for this more permanent fix. Access the app’s permission settings page and deny it access to the Camera app. Obviously this isn’t an ideal fix, especially for those who take lots of photos in the app on a regular basis, but it’s better than dealing with overheating and battery issues. Hopefully Google issues an update soon. Stay tuned—we will update this post as soon as there is a fix.

Source: 9to5Google via Android Authority