Lay’s Browser Extension Turns on YouTube Captions When It Hears You Eating Chips

A man eating Lay's chips while watching YouTube.

When artificial intelligence rises up to take over Earth, it will be because of browser extensions like Lay’s Crispy Subtitles. The new AI-powered Chrome extension from Lay’s taps into your microphone and listens for the sound of crunchy, crispy potato chips. If it hears you eating chips while you watch a YouTube Video, the AI will automatically turn on captions for your video.

The Chrome Extension comes from a partnership between the Vietnamese Bliss Interactive design studio and the Happiness Saigon ad agency. According to the Cripsy Subtitles promotional video, developers trained the AI with actual recordings of people eating chips—178 hours of recordings, to be exact. (I’m glad I wasn’t there to hear it).

Letting a browser extension tap in to your microphone is problematic for a number of reasons. But hey, if you’re a hardcore snacker and you want to keep your laptop clean, it’s totally your call! You can download the Lay’s Crispy Subtitles extension from the Chrome Web Store now. It’s intended for Chrome, but it should work on any Chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Source: Lay’s via Gizmodo