Microsoft Edge Adds Vertical Tabs, Improved Anti-Tracking Tools

Josh Hendrickson

To help tab-hoarders manage their cluttered workspace, Microsoft Edge browser now features an always-accessible vertical tab window. It’s the only major browser to implement a native vertical tab feature. The latest version of Edge also improves the browser’s privacy tools with clearer explanations for its “basic,” “balanced,” and “strict” anti-tracking protocols.

Accessing the vertical tab window in Edge is easy. Just click the square-shaped icon on the left side of your tab bar and watch as your tabs fill up the left side of your screen. The vertical tab bar won’t hide the names of your tabs, making it easier to find what you


Of course, vertical tabs can take up a lot of your screen, which is why Microsoft included a handy “collapse” button in the vertical tab bar. Collapsing vertical tabs leaves you with a small vertical strip of favicons, which you can still click without expanding the tab window.

Along with its new vertical tabs feature, the latest version of Edge includes some improvements for its built-in anti-tracking tools. The “basic,” “balanced,” and “strict” anti-privacy options now feature detailed descriptions for how each protocol works, including explanations for why strict anti-tracking may break some websites. You can find Edge’s anti-tracking tools in the “Privacy and Services” tab under Edge Settings.

Source: Microsoft