Norway Now Has the World’s Longest Electric Ferry, the Bastø Electric

Norway's Basto Electric ferry
Sefine Shipyard

Electric vehicles don’t have to be limited to the roads. In fact, the world’s longest electric ferry—dubbed the MF Bastø Electric—just debuted in Norway, and will serve the country’s busiest ferry connection. The ship isn’t Norway’s first electric ferry, however, but it is now its longest, measuring 456.7 feet (or 139.2 meters).

Despite Bastø Electric joining Norway’s fleet, the ship was actually built in Turkey by the Sefine Shipyard. The fully electric ferry is able to carry 200 cars or 24 trucks, and 600 passengers simultaneously. It measures 68.9 feet (21 meters) wide and can move at speeds up to 15mph (24km per hour or 13 knots).

The Bastø Electric will serve the connection between Horten and Moss across the Oslo Fjord. The ship has a battery capacity of 4.3mWh, which will be enough to complete anywhere from 20-24 daily crossings. For now, it can only recharge on the Horten side, but Norway has plans to build facilities that’ll allow for charging on either side.

via InsideEVs