Nura’s True Wireless Earbuds Adjust Their Sound Quality to Your Ears

A photo of the Nuratrue earbuds.

Nura just launched the third product in its personalized-audio lineup, the Nuratrue wireless earbuds. This is the company’s first true wireless pair of headphones, yet it supports the same automatic hearing test, ANC, Transparency, and “immersion” features as the Nuraloop and Nuraphone.

At $200, the Nuratrue earbuds cost more than the AirPods Pro but less than ultra-high-end options like the Sony XM4s. Of course, you won’t find another earbud that automatically adjusts itself to your ears by measuring otoacoustic emissions (strange noises that come out from your inner ear—evidently, these emissions can be used to profile your hearing).

Nuratrue earbuds also have a unique, touch friendly design and a few unique listening modes to sweeten the pot. There’s ANC, of course, but there’s also a Transparency mode (or as Nura calls it, a Social mode) that lets you hear your surroundings.

An “immersion” feature also makes an appearance, and may explain the size and shape of Nuratrue earbuds. Basically, this “immersion” mode mimics the vibrating sensation that you get when listening to bass-heavy songs on full-sized speakers. Nura’s “immersion” mode probably works better with the larger Nuraloop and Nuraphone, though it’s still nice to see the feature on a pair of earbuds.

You can order the Nuratrue earbuds now for $200 on the Nura website. If that’s a bit pricey for you, I suggest checking out the $150 Nuraloop buds which pack the same features as the Nuratrue buds and can work in wired or wireless modes.

Source: Nura via Pickr