PopSockets Gets to Work With a New PopGrip Multi-Tool

The new PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool and PopGrip Pocketable accessories.

Every time I buy a PopSocket, a new one comes along to take more of my money. PopSockets just launched two new products—the slim PopGrip Pocketable and the utilitarian PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool with a built-in bottle opener, hex driver, and mini pry bar. Both are available exclusively on the PopSockets website.

If you’ve ever used a PopSocket, you know that the handy phone grip has a habit of snagging on pant pockets. The new PopGrip Pocketable solves that problem with a soft, low-profile design. It sits flush with your phone, so you never need to worry about pocket snag. At $10, the PopGrip Pocketable a no-brainer, and it’s compatible with all of your swappable PopTops.

PopSockets teamed up with SOG to design the PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool, which is really just a standard PopGrip with a detachable multi-tool. The small tool can stand in for a bottle opener, or mini pry bar, and it features both 1/4-inch and 4mm hex drivers. With a built-in magnetic twist system, you never have to worry about the multi-tool breaking free from your PopGrip, and you can always swap it for another PopTop when you’re in a stylish mood. At $25, the PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is more expensive than a standard PopGrip, but it’s more convenient than keeping a multi-tool on your key ring.

The PopGrip Pocketable and PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool are available now on the PopSockets website. Both grips support swappable PopTops and work with existing PopMount accessories.