Samsung’s New Galaxy Watch 5 Could Take on Fitbit and Garmin

Galaxy Watch 5 leaked image with fitness controls

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event takes place on August 10th, where we expect to see new products, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, and Galaxy Watch 5. Now, just days ahead of the event, Samsung is teasing health and fitness features that could help its smartwatch take on Fitbit and Garmin.

And while several leaks give us a good idea of what Samsung’s new smartwatch looks like, a recent editorial from Samsung’s executive VP and head of health R&D suggests several new health-related upgrades.

In the blog post, Yang said, “next week, Samsung will share its latest lineup of innovative products designed to enhance users’ everyday lives, including updates that empower fitness and wellness routines.”

Then, he went on to talk about how many users have adopted new habits and interests over the last few years, especially when it comes to being healthy and having a better awareness of physical and mental health. The executive said, “Samsung is excited to continue expanding our Galaxy Watch lineup to better cater to the many unique needs of our users — especially those with a passion for the outdoors.”

Some users want to hit step goals, others go biking or hiking, and some only want to track sleep and movement. Whatever the case, it sounds like Samsung wants to offer a wearable that’ll appeal to any user’s health, fitness, and wellness routine.

We’ve already seen countless leaks suggest Samsung will release at least two watches, and those leaks tease a heavy focus on fitness, but a third could be on the way. Perhaps something more rugged to take on Garmin, more wellness features similar to Fitbit, or a new model entirely.

We only have a few more days to wait and see what comes, but expect at least one budget-friendly Galaxy Watch 5, along with a more capable and rugged Pro model. Or, grab what’s currently available from the link below.

via TechRadar