Score An Electric Wine Opener for 60% Off During Amazon’s New Year Sale

An electric wine bottle opener, aerator, and corkscrew sit on a platform, an electric wine opener is plugged into an outlet, and a person uses a foil cutter on a bottle of wine.

Sure, a lot of people are participating in Dry January, but if you’re not—or if you’re doing more of a moist January—there’s an unmissable Amazon deal. You can get an electric wine opener for 60% off right now!

The Secura Electric Wine Opener with foil cutter and wine aerator is on sale for under $25 during Amazon’s New Year’s sale. Considering that the set is usually $60, that’s one major deal.

Why an electric opener, though? Well, if you’ve ever used a traditional corkscrew, you know things can go sideways fast. You can accidentally tear the cork, get leftover bits of cork in the wine, and if you don’t quite free the cork enough, you could use too much force to pull it out and have wine splash everywhere. An electric opener eliminates all of those risks.

The wine opener is incredibly easy to do. Simply slip the corkscrew over the top of your wine (after using the handy foil cutter to remove the foil wrapping) and press the down button on the side. This will send the corkscrew into your wine’s cork without you having to twist anything. When it stops, press the upward button, and the device will seamlessly pull the cork from your wine.

The device opens a bottle in roughly six seconds (way quicker than you doing it manually) and can open up to 30 bottles before it’ll need to be recharged. When that time comes, the opener comes with a charging station that can be placed on your countertop and plugged into an outlet. Thanks to its small size, it won’t take up a ton of room on your counter or be stashed in a cabinet.

If you’re tired of getting cork in your wine, an electric wine opener—especially one on sale—might be the answer.