The Original ‘Matrix’ Comes to IMAX for the First Time (and Only for Two Days)

Neo stopping bullets in 'The Matrix'
Warner Bros

Just two weeks ahead of The Matrix Resurrections theatrical debut, Warner Bros will launch a remastered version of the original Matrix in select IMAX theaters. This is the first time the original Matrix will show in IMAX, and it will only show December 7th and 8th.

All of the Matrix sequels were shown at IMAX during their original theatrical run, and the upcoming Matrix Resurrections will continue the trend. But for whatever reason, the original Matrix never made its way to IMAX. Maybe its visual effects were a little too groundbreaking.

Funny enough, this is the first Warner Bros film to go through the IMAX Digital Remastering process, a sign that other movies in the WarnerMedia vault could make anniversary appearances at IMAX (probably to promote new reboots, or whatever).

If you want to watch the original Matrix at IMAX, I suggest buying tickets now. The film will only show at select theaters on December 7th and 8th, so if you miss out, you may never experience The Matrix on a screen the size of a nine-story building.

Source: IMAX via Polygon