These Tiny TVs With Working Remotes Play Clips From Classic Shows

Tiny working TVs
Basic Fun!

If you have all the vinyl records one would ever need and are looking for a new thing to collect, these tiny TVs from Basic Fun! will be right up your alley. Basic Fun!’s Tiny TV Classics don’t just look like an old TV. They actually work, have working remotes, and play movie clips from shows that came out around the same era as the TV itself.

The Nostalgia is high here, as each Tiny TV is designed just like TVs from yesteryear. Whether that’s Back to the Future on an old wooden TV with physical dials or something a little more modern with a flat-ish screen for South Park episodes.

The first release includes four TVs in the Tiny TV Classics series, and they all look amazing. The remotes match the styling, and as you scroll through channels, each TV will play short clips from that film. You could even buy the old Batman TV, and now you’ll have a remote, so you don’t have to get up and turn it off physically like the good ol days. How convenient!

Each TV costs $25, which is a lot cheaper than collecting cars or antique furniture, but they’ll cost a little more than your average Funko figure. So far, Basic Fun! is offering Back to the Future, Batman, Friends, and South Park, with classics including Bob’s Burgers, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, and Star Trek coming soon.

via Gizmodo