This Unique Puzzle Lights Up When You Manage to Find a Correct Piece

The Nova light up puzzle.
Nadieh Bremer

Dedicating your dining room table to a puzzle can be a fun and relaxing experience, but only if you have the attention span to see it through. That’s why Nadieh Bremer invented the Nova, a puzzle platform that works anywhere in your home plays a lights show when you find a correct piece.

Unlike regular puzzles, which require a flat surface, Nova is a dedicated puzzle board with integrated lights. Each hand-drawn acrylic puzzle piece contains a piece of copper, which the Nova can detect to determine when you fit a piece properly.

Interestingly, the Nova’s puzzle pieces are clear and form geometric patterns when assembled—a major step away from the cardboard Thomas Kinkade puzzles that you may be used to.

Nadieh Bremer, a University of Leiden astronomy graduate, developed the Nova puzzle as her final project at the Fab Academy. She isn’t selling the puzzle, though you can build your own using her extensive project guide. Just beware; building the Nova puzzle may be more difficult than solving it.

Source: Nadieh Bremer via Gizmodo