Watch Every Episode of ‘The Office’ for Free Until March 25th (With No Ads!)

Michael Scott from 'The Office.'
‘The Office’ is finally old enough to get a driver’s license. NBCUniversal

I know what I’m doing this week. To celebrate the 16th birthday of The Office, Peacock is streaming the entire series and exclusive bonus content for free without ads until March 25th. Peacock, which now holds exclusive streaming rights for The Office, usually hides seasons 3-9 behind a $5 per month Premium subscription.

On January 1st, NBCUniversal moved The Office from its longtime home at Netflix to the Peacock streaming service. Peacock usually offers the first two seasons of The Office for free, but hides the bulk of its series, plus exclusive bonus content, behind paid subscription plans.

Funny enough, the Office anniversary promotion lets you watch the show ad-free, while the $5 a month Peacock Premium membership is ad-supported. You usually have to pay for the $10 a month Peacock Premium Plus membership if you want an ad-free experience, though all tiers can enjoy The Office without ads until March 25th.

If you miss binging The Office or haven’t seen Peacock’s exclusive bonus material, now’s your time to blow through without paying a dime. Of course, Peacock forces free users to make an account, so you won’t get away “scott” free.

Source: NBCUniversal via The Verge